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Engines that we distribute are Mercruiser Gasoline Engine Inboard & Sterndrive, Mercury Diesel Engine, and Cummins Diesel Engine.
Mercruiser Gasoline Engine is a diverse selection of engines ranging from 135 to 430 hp, and more than 20 unique drive systems including Alpha One and Bravo, the most popular sterndrive in the world. A MerCruiser engine-drive combination perfect for your boating style.
Every boater has unique values and expectations for their on-water pursuits. That"s why MerCruiser is committed to offering the most complete gasoline sterndrive product selection in the industry. With a wide range of engines, each with even deeper features and options, MerCruiser prides itself on having propulsion and technology systems for every boating style.
Nobody else offers a more comprehensive selection of catalyzed engines than MerCruiser. From the wildly popular 3.0L all the way up to the 8.2L big block, only MerCruiser has had the insight and wherewithal to invest in this game-changing technology to ensure its availability on a global scale.
Mercury diesel engine is a high speed diesel engine, suitable for boats - yachts, patrol boats and inspection boat.This type of this engine is available starting from 130 HP up to 350 HP.
Cummins diesel engine is a medium speed diesel engine suitable for commercial applications such as ferries, passenger ships, pilot boats, sea bus, sea trucks and crew boat for off shore operation.This type of engine is available starting from 230 HP up to 715 HP.

Isuzu marine engines are the engines specifically designed for use on commercial vessels such as fishing boats, passenger ships and cargo ships. This machine is very suitable for use in archipelagic countries such as Indonesia as a reliable and economical means of tranpsortation. Isuzu marine engine available from 67 PS up to 700 PS.

SEATEK is a marine engine specifically for patrol boats and ambushes. It is suitable for use as a driving machine for customs, police and navy patrol vessels. In an archipelago like Indonesia, patrol boats are needed that can move very quickly in enforcing the law at sea. Seatek marine engine available from 620 HP up to 1500 HP and could be coupled with Water jet or Surface drive propulsion.
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PT.Trayagantha Pinasthika established in the year 1993 with the aim to develop business in the distribution of the marine diesel engines for fishing boat, inter-island vessels, patrol boats, pilot boat, yacht and boat for oil company’s off shore operation.
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